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september 2012

Storytrail The Hague (in English) on Sunday 23 September 2012

The HagueDo you want to know more about The Hague? Would you like to see some hot spots and hear some history, but do you hate listening to dull data, sheer facts and figures? Well, then Storytrail The Hague is just something for you! On Sunday 23 september at 2 p.m. storyteller Godfrey will tell some entertaining stories about the city. During a 1,5 hour trip you will ‘meet’ some very interesting historical people.

The Hague contains two different species or civilizations. On the one hand we have the stately, dignified part of The Hague where the nobility of Holland used to live, nowadays the royal House of Orange, the government and wealthy regents. They inhabited the sandy, sturdy part of town in their luxury castles. On the other hand we have a plain part of The Hague – mostly marshy peat – where the ordinary folk and peasants were living in their tiny shacks and filthy slums.

We could call these civilizations The Hague Posh and The Hague Bluff. Through the ages these two species – geographically speaking – grew a bit closer, but socially and economically they live together like icebears and penguins (on their own Poles). The question is: how did Posh and Bluff coexist in one city? What happened during the unavoidable clash of civilizations? Just war, conspiracy and murderous attacks? Or are there also love stories? Check it out during Storytrail The Hague and you’ll see The Hague with new eyes.

Sunday 23 September 2012

starting point at Het Wapen van Den Haag (Driehoekjes 15)

1:30 PM, welcome drink in Het Wapen
2:00 PM, storyteller will meet you there
3:30 PM, end of storytrail

€ 17,50 p.p.

Reservations: hague

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